Myron Shekelle (2003) edit
Washington University in St. Louis
Primate Behavior and Ecology
Current position: Instructor & Research Associate, Departments of Anthropology and Biology
Current affiliation: Western Washington University
Research website: Link
Research description: I study evolution, ecology, and conservation, focusing on dispersal, speciation, and ecological diversification within one of the world's most unusual primates, tarsiers. Major questions I ask include: How many species of tarsiers exist today? How and why did they evolve? How can we use tarsiers to promote effective conservation? Current research questions ask: What do tarsier tell us about historical biogeography and the distribution of biodiversity? How do primates and other taxa disperse across open oceans? Why are there no sympatric tarsiers? Why are some tarsiers social and some solitary? Why are some tarsiers so much like gibbons in their social organization, behavior, and distribution?
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