Katherine C. MacKinnon (2002) edit
University of California, Berkeley
Primate Behavior and Ecology
Current position: Associate Professor of Anthropology
Current affiliation: Saint Louis University, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology
Research website: Link
Research description: I am a biological anthropologist with a focus on primate social behavior in wild-living groups. My research interests include New World monkeys, particularly capuchins (genus Cebus). I have been involved in fieldwork in Central and South America since 1992, and my current work focuses on the social behavior and development of infants and juveniles. I have observed the behavior of wild primates in Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, Honduras), South America (Suriname, Colombia), Indonesia (Bali), and Africa (Zambia), and will continue field-based research in the areas of social behavior and ecology. I am also interested in long-term conservation/management efforts, nonhuman primate and hominin evolutionary strategies, social complexity, and ethics in field primatology.
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