Andy Herries (2003) edit
University of Liverpool
Current position: Professor of Palaeoanthropology & Head of Dept. of Archaeology and History
Current affiliation: La Trobe University
Research website: Link
Research description: The Palaeoscience Labs, incorporating The Human Evolution and Karst Landscapes Lab and The Australian Archaeomagentism Lab at La Trobe have a focus on African and Australian Archaeology and Human Origins Research in Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Oman, Kenya and China. The labs run the Drimolen Palaeoanthropology Field School at the Drimolen hominin palaeocene site in South Africa and the Amanzi Springs Archaeology Project at the Acheulian to Middle Stone Age site of Amanzi Springs in South Africa. The program has annual PhD scholarships to study aspects of Human Origins that cover living stipends and international fee waivers.
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